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Viviscal has been proven to help decrease hair loss and stimulate hair growth by activating resting hair follicles.


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Viviscal Really Works!

Viviscal works through the bloodstream thus nourishing the hair follicle. Viviscal has a beneficial effect on skin and nails as well. Viviscal is suitable for all persons, male and female, who suffer from thinning hair.

Viviscal - Hair Growth - Hair Loss
Even though science has for centuries studied the reasons behind growth and loss of hair no definite answers to these phenomena have been found. Viviscal studies indicate that it could be a synergistic effect of several nutritional factors that activates the resting hair follicle. In this connection the Viviscal extract mixture apparently plays an important role.

Effects of Viviscal™
Viviscal has been shown to decrease hair loss and regenerate new hair growth by activating resting hair follicles. Viviscal works through the bloodstream thus nourishing the hair follicle. Viviscal has a beneficial effect on skin and nails as well. Viviscal is suitable for all persons, male and female, who suffer from baldness and hair loss. In Finland where the product has been longest on the market a massive consumer response indicates that the patients are satisfied with the results of the product.

Origins of Viviscal
For a long time, science has been searching for an effective remedy for hair loss. In the early 1990’s a team of Finnish scientists and dermatologists successfully developed a natural product called Viviscal. The key ingredient in Viviscal is an extract mixture of marine origin. This is blended with other ingredients to make a unique food supplement which aims at decreasing hair loss and stimulating hair growth.

The product was originally researched by Dr. Allan Lassus and was launched in Finland in October 1992. And within three months Viviscal topped the leading 25 natural health products list and it still continues to lead as a best seller in its field. Viviscal is clinically tested and these studies have been published in Europe and Latin America. Viviscal - the product of natural ingredients - is produced under pharmaceutical control.

The Viviscal Advantage
What makes Viviscal truly unique is the fact that it provides far more than just nutrition. It actually helps to remove internal barriers that block the flow of nutrients to the scalp. It hydrates and rejuvenates the scalp in a way that simple vitamins and ordinary proteins cannot. No other hair supplement can offer Viviscal's unparalleled, long-term benefits.

Viviscal's nutrients are conveyed directly in the body, through the bloodstream. This is the way we take in almost all sustenance-from fruits and vegetables, to antibiotics and medicines, to mother's milk.

They are in tablet form, taken twice daily. (three times, if one is over 175 pounds or a heavy smoker). They can be taken with or without food, and they have no known interaction problems with any drugs or medications.

Viviscal works at the same speed as your hair reacts. For most people, that's about four to six months. It is designed to avoid one of the most critical problems in the field: trouble accessing the follicle. The follicle is surrounded by tissues, which block some of the nutrient passage. Viviscal doesn't just provide more nourishment, it also allows subsistent vitamins and proteins to pass through far more easily, without disputing body systems. This powerful, carefully-tested combination is the source of Viviscal's effectiveness, and its safety.

Remember, as they say, "hair grows from the inside, out". That means that if you really want to get to the root of your hair needs, your best bet is to use something that works the same way. That's why Viviscal was created-so you could have a direct solution, not a cover-up or yet another complicated system. Viviscal is designed to get to the heart of the matter.

Viviscal Directions
The dosage is 2 tablets per day, one in the morning and one in the evening. If one weighs more than 175 pounds or is a heavy smoker then 3 tablets spaced equally throughout the day are needed. Based on research results it is recommended that the product be taken at this dosage for a minimum of 6 months.
After this period one can try continuing with only one tablet a day. Viviscal is a natural supplement and completely safe. Its main ingredients are derived from fish.
Persons who are allergic to fish and fish products should exercise caution and consult their physician prior to taking Viviscal.

Women and Viviscal
Women who have relatively normal or average hair have achieved unexpected but welcomed results with Viviscal. In addition to stronger, thicker, fuller hair, many women experience an accelerated hair growth of up to one and one half inches per month with Viviscal.
In Cosmopolitan Magazine...

Rreferred to Viviscal as The Miracle Mane Pill. The Cosmo Hair section reported that "Viviscal-a potent pill available only in Europe-contains a top secret fish protein that reportedly stimulates rapid hair growth on your head."




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