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What you should know about Thinning Hair...


  • Thinning hair and hair loss are related conditions.
  • Hair Thinning affects both Men and Women.
  • HairSoReal Thickens Thinning Hair.




H air Thinning


Thinning Hair and hair loss are related conditions; however the two are different even if hair does not fall out. After our mid-twenties our hair follicles and scalp receive less nourishment. A gradual decline begins as the hair becomes weaker, thinner, duller and more prone to damage. In fact, both men and wormen's hair loses about 5% of its thickness from age 20-50 and another 15% from 50-80.

Hair thinning can happen in women, too. Some of the most common causes are medications, nutritional deficiencies, hypothyroidism and hormones. It is well known that chemotherapy drugs can cause hair loss, but a surprising number of more ordinary drugs can too, including non- steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, antibiotics, antidepressants, ulcer medications and heart and cholesterol medications.

Nutritional deficiencies affect every part of the body, including hair. The deficiencies that seem to be most common in hair loss are vitamins A and B, zinc and iron, and essential fatty acids like those found in hemp seed oil.

Hypothyroidism is also a well known cause of thinning hair.

Surprisingly, hormone-related hair thinning is also common in women. The antioxidant vitamins C and E may help as well as the herb saw palmetto.

Another herb that may be helpful is Beta-Sitosterols. To better understand hormone-related hair loss and thinning see androgenetic alopecia and pattern baldness.

Quit Smoking

If you ever needed an additional reason to quit smoking, this may be it. Smoking contributes to your hair loss.
By the time smokers turn 40, many sport the withered hair follicles of much older men and women. Smoking may play the same role in hair loss as it does in heart disease, says Dr. Proctor: Tobacco smoke damages the linings of blood vessels, which produce less nitric oxide, and this might short-circuit hair growth.

Smoking also constricts blood vessels and hinders circulation, says Wilma F. Bergfeld, M.D., head of clinical research in the department of dermatology at the Cleveland Clinic. Diminished blood flow "ages" hair follicles prematurely.

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