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How to Stop your Hair Loss--Even When Your Situation Seems Hopeless!


  • Blocking DHT is imperative to stop and prevent hair loss.
  • Secondary factors can make hair loss more noticeable.
  • Natural products can help you stop hair loss and thinning hair.



There is a simple, 6-step Strategy for preventing, slowing and even stopping hair loss. This Strategy has been developed based on scientists have learned about the primary and secondary factors affecting hair loss.

We know that to prevent, slow down and even stop hair loss we must:

Block DHT

We now know that when the male hormone Testosterone which circulates throughout our bodies is combined with the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, DHT (diHydroTestosterone) is produced. The DHT attaches to receptors in the hair follicles. In turn the hair follicles will begin to shrink, and their growth cycle will be shortend. This process leads to hair thinning and hair loss.

DHT Blockers, Inhibitors, Anti-androgens

To prevent hair loss we need to "block dht". This is acomplished by inhibiting the enzyme 5 alpha reductase effectivelly reducing the amount of DHT that can be produced and by blocking the receptors in the hair follicles so DHT can not attach to them. Products that accomplish this task are known as "DHT Blockers, Inhibitors or as Anti-androgens". These terms are often use interchangeably. Many times when a product is said to have anti-androgen properties it means that it can either inhibit 5-alpha reductase or block the receptors or both.


Clean Scalp

The accumulation of sebum and cholesterol on the scalp can contribute to hair loss by increasing the amount of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase which in turn means more DHT. It can also block the hair follicle which can lead to malnutrition of the hair root.

Clear excess sebum and cholesterol
Removing excess sebum and cholesterol from the scalp is imperative to decreasing DHT and maintaining healthy hair growth. The products in this section, remove sebum, cholesterol, even residue from styling agents that may contribute to follicle blockage. Many of these products also promote healty scalp and hair by nourishing and moisturizing the area.


Good Circulation

Lack of oxygen and blood flow to the scalp contribute to hair loss by weakening the hair follicle and making it more suseptible to the effects of DHT. Good Blood flow is essential to the nourishment and growth of hair follicles. Again when the hair root is well supplied with blood it is able to better withstand the "minimization" effects of DHT. For over 5000 years chinese herbalist have maintained that as long as there is good blood supply to the scalp, hair loss can be prevented. The products presented in this area help prevent or stop hair loss by helping to increase blood flow to even the smallest capillaries supplying the hair follicles. They also help to make blood circulation throughout the scalp more efficient.

Blood Flow-Growth Enhancers

Prevent Free Radical Damage


Since there is a link between aging and hair loss it is important to take advantages of all the new anti-aging compounds and powerful antioxidants. While some of the products in this section are known for its anti-aging and antioxidant benefits, and not for stopping hair loss, there are people who believe there is a direct coorrelation. Afterall, if hair follicles mature (get old) prematurely, they can be more easily "killed" by DHT. It is also the aging process that first triggers the creation of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase. In addition, this section will also include products that have some dht blocking or anti-androgenic properties.


Nourish your hair and scalp

Our hair IS affected by pollution, chemical treatments, stress, nutritional defficiencies, etc. It is understandable that if the "normal" hair (the hair that is not being affected by DHT) is limp, dry and breaks easily, any actual hair loss is going to be more noticeable. In addition, mal nourished hair roots will age faster and will be more suseptible to the effects of DHT. So in addition to preventing hair loss, we should maintain our hair as strong and as healthy as we can. This will make the thinning of the hair due to hair loss be less noticeable. And again, strong hair follicles can better withstand the DHT attack.






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