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Caution: Sebum may be slowly killing your beautiful hair...


  • Sebum and Cholesterol can clog the hair follicles.
  • Excess cholesterol in the scalp can lead to an increase in the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase which is then converted to DHT
  • Jojoba oil can help you keep your scalp healthy and sebum free.



Sebum and Cholesterol Cleansers

As we established in the hair loss causes section. Sebum and Cholesterol build-up can clog the hair follicles leading to malnutrition of the hair root and an increase production of DHT.

Like wise, excess cholesterol in the scalp can lead to an increase in the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase which is then converted to DHT.

This is why when fighting hair loss it is imperative to keep the scalp clean and free of sebum and cholesterol build-up. The ingredients and products in this page are well known for their ability to deep cleanse the scalp and keeping it healthy.

Below you will find the best ingredients/products to keep the scalp free from sebum and cholesterol build-up. As usual, many of the products also offer other strategy benefits, and they are marked based on the legend below:

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil emulsifies and removes sebum from the scalp, which can cause thinning hair and baldness. Jojoba Oil penetrates the layers of waxy sebum and removes them without chemicals or harsh detergents, thus promoting growth of thicker, healthier hair.

Products Containing Jojoba

Jojoba oil and Stopping Hair Loss

  • Prevents follicle blockage by removing excess sebum and cholesterol from the scalp.
  • Has anti-oxidant properties which prevent free radical damage.
  • Condition and nourish the scalp and hair.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has been used for many years in the prevention of hairloss. Since olive oil has the ability to reduce cholesterol, it is able to reduce its accumulation in the scalp. Since it reduces cholesterol it also inhibits the production of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase and therefore inhibits the production of DHT. Helps keep the scalp clean and healthy. Olive Oil improves scalp condition and adds shine and body to hair.

Products Containing Olive Oil

Olive oil and Stopping Hair Loss

  • Has the ability to reduce cholesterol.
  • Inhibits the production of DHT
  • Improves scalp condition and add shine and body to the hair.



Aloe vera is a wonderful product. Aside from it's well known moisturizing effects, it contains many of the products that seem to be effective in fighting hair loss. Like biotin, b-vitamins, zinc and even inositil. It also has anti-bacterial properties that help keep the scalp healthy, controling the bodies immune response which we know can have adverse effects on hair growth. In addition the moisturizing qulities when applied to the scalp increase the blood circulation to the hair follicle.

Aloe-Vera and Stopping Hair Loss

  • Nourishes and moisturizes the hair and scalp.
  • Keeps scalp healthy thanks to its anti-biotic properties.
  • Promotes hair growth due to the many hair friendly vitamins it contains.
  • Increases blood circulation to the hair follicles.

Aloe Vera Products for Your Hair

Aloe Vera Products for All of You

Hemp Oil

Hemp's superior lubricating qualities leave the hair feeling clean and fresh. Adds a healthy shine, fullness and elasticity to hair. Hemp Oil provides the proper balance of essential nutrients needed for strong, healthy hair and is known to stimulate hair growth.

Hemp oil and Stopping Hair Loss

  • Well knwon for it anti-aging properties.
  • Deep cleans and lubricates the scalp.
  • Promotes hair growth by providing essential fatty acids.
  • Protects and nourishes the scalp and hair.

Hemp Oil Products


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