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Watch my HairSoReal Video
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Informative Hair Loss Videos



To find prescreened hair
restoration physicians visit:

Hair Loss Learning Center
Hair Restoration Network
Hair Transplant Network
Prescreened Hair Restoration Physicians


Hair Loss and Hair Transplant

These animated videos will help you better understand hair loss, it's causes, the role of DHT and more.

They also clearly explain Hair Transplants. What they are and how they work and why they work. If you are considering getting a hair transplant, watch these videos. This could be your first step in getting the information you need and making the right decision for you. These hair loss video animations are short, but they are very informative.



How to achieve natural hair transplant results

Today, when done right, hair transplant surgery can produce results that are so natural that even hair stylists cannot detect them. But the key is finding the right hair restoration physician.

It’s tough deciding who to choose. They all claim to provide natural and safe results. But in reality their skill, experience and talent vary widely, as do the end results.

Where to find and learn about outstanding hair restoration surgeons

It’s easy to find physicians offering hair transplants in any phone book or online directory. But to find the minority who provide truly natural and outstanding hair transplant results we recommend the following online resources:

  • Hair Restoration Network – This online community is published by hair transplant patients and enables hair loss sufferers to share information, photos and experiences, while learning about leading hair restoration physicians and safe and treatments.
  • Hair Loss Learning Center – This multimedia site provides extensive and in-depth information about hair loss causes and cures. It is sponsored by the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. This elite group of surgeons is committed to excellent patient education and results.
  • Hair Transplant Network – This long time community provides recommendations for over 50 of the world’s leading hair transplant surgeons. This site also hosts the world’s largest gallery of patient before and after photos.


Hair Transplants and HairSoReal

Wether you are considering getting a hair transplant, are just curious or have already made the decision to do it...

Keep HairSoReal in mind. This product can help you look better (by thickening your hair and covering balding areas) while you get all the information you need or while you find the right doctor for you.

If you do go ahead and have a hair transplant, HairSoReal can cover the initial scars and give your hair a more natural look. You don't have to wear a hat for months. HairSoReal will give your hair transplant an immediate boost.

HairSoReal will not harm your scalp in anyway and it is completely natural. Many hair transplant doctors have been using hair loss concealers like hairsoreal for many years immediately after a hair transplant. The natural fibers attach to the new grafts and give the patient a natural look while the new hair starts to grow.

Are you ready to stop worrying about your lack of hair? Place your order now. For only $16.99 you get a 45-day supply.

Select Color:
Light Brown
Dark Brown
Dark Blonde (All Blondes)
Medium Brown (reddish hue)
Ash Blonde (Auburn)
Light Grey


I confidently guarantee that you will be completely satisfied or I'll refund your full purchase price. No questions asked. All the risk is on me! So why don't you give a try right now?".

David O'Brocki


Tips for choosing a hair transplant surgeon - sponsored by:

The Coalition of Independant Hair Restoration Physicians

  • Does the physician take a holistic approach to hair restoration? Your physician should help you evaluate all your options, surgical and non surgical.
  • Has the clinic made the investment in time and resources to do large sessions of micro follicular unit hair transplantation? Doing outstanding work requires a staff dedicated and trained to use high-powered magnification with the capability of producing at least 2,000 carefully trimmed grafts per surgical session.
  • Choose a hair restoration clinic that is patient focused rather than commercially focused. Some clinics emphasize revenue, speed and volume rather than dedicating the time and individual care needed to produce optimal results.
  • Is hair restoration the primary focus of their practice? Outstanding results require a physician and a full staff who perform hair restoration surgery on a regular basis. Doing hair restoration as a sideline, along with other cosmetic procedures, may hinder their ability to do large sessions of highly refined follicular unit transplantation.
  • How many patients has this physician produced excellent results for? Like any skill, experience over time is critical to acquiring the skill and judgment required to produce excellent results.
  • Can the physician provide at least a dozen sets of detailed patient before and after photographs? Do they also have patients who are willing to speak with you and meet with you in person?
  • What is the physician’s reputation on hair loss related discussion forums? To learn what patients are saying about hair transplant physicians and hair loss treatments visit the Hair Restoration Forum.




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