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Breath new life to your hair follicles...


  • Good blood circulation to the scalp helps keep hair strong.
  • Weak hair is more susceptible to the effects of DHT.
  • Top point number 3


Many believe that poor circulation to the scalp is greatly responsible for hair loss. Lack of blood flow to the hair follicles translates into mal-nutritioned and weak hair roots. This weakness makes them particulary suseptible to the effects of DHT.

When DHT attaches to a hair follicle, the follicle begins to stay shorter periods in the anagen stage (growth cycle). Aslo, each time a new hair grows it is thinner and more fragile than before. Eventually, the hair follicle stops producing hair.

If there is poor blood circulation to the scalp, then the hair root is already weak. When the DHT attaches, it is able to kill the hair follicle much faster than when it is healthy. Once a hair follicle is killed, it just stops producing hair.

By enhancing blood circulation we make sure the hair follicle is healthy and strong. The increased blood flow also stimulates the hair follicles to enter into the hair growth stage.

The products in this section stimulate blood flow to the scalp and also promote hair growth. They are an indispensable part of the overall strategy.

Gotu Kola

Offers many health benefits. It is known as a powerful "brain and memory" enhancer. Regarding hair loss, Gotu Kola helps increase circulation and blood flow to the scalp. When enough blood reaches the follicles, they are less likely to be killed by the effects of DHT. They are stronger and healthier.

Prevention of mental fatigue and enhanced concentration and memory. A balancing tonic that both increases energy and relaxes the body. Stimulates the central nervous system, aids circulation especially in the legs, and is a mild diuretic. Aids in many types of wound healing. Used for rheumatism, blood diseases, mental disorders, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, sore throat, and hepatitis. Products containing Gotu Kola


Ginkgo Biloba

Used as an antioxidant, improves circulation, brain functions and memory. Works particularly well on the brain and nervous system. It is effective in reducing the symptoms of conditions, such as Alzheimer's, depression, visual problems, and problems of blood circulation. It may also help treat heart disease, strokes, dementia, Raynaud's disease, head injuries, leg cramps, macular degeneration, tinnitus, impotence due to poor blood flow, and diabetes-related nerve damage. Products containing Gingko Biloba



Aloe vera is a wonderful product. Aside from it's well known moisturizing effects, it contains many of the products that seem to be effective in fighting hair loss. Like biotin, b-vitamins, zinc and even inositil. It also has anti-bacterial properties that help keep the scalp healthy, controling the bodies immune response which we know can have adverse effects on hair growth. In addition the moisturizing qulities when applied to the scalp increases the blood circulation to the hair follicle.

Aloe-Vera in the Strategy

  • Nourishes and moisturizes the hair and scalp.
  • Keeps scalp healthy thanks to its anti-biotic properties.
  • Promotes hair growth due to the many hair friendly vitamins it contains.
  • Increases blood circulation to the hair follicles.

Products Containing Aloe-Vera and Recommended for Hair Loss


Niacin (B3)
Has a dilating effect on vessels and capillaries thereby increasing circulation to the scalp and stimulating hair growth.
Niacin may also reduce the accumulation of cholesterol which is important since cholesterol on the scalp converts to the enzyme 5 alpha reductase.

In addition to Niacin (B3), many B vitamins are very important in preventing hair loss and promoting growth of healthy hair. Including a B-complex as part of your personal strategy is important and offers many other health benefits. Learn more about B-Vitamins and hair loss prevention.

The B-Vitamins in the strategy

  • Reducing cholesterol accumulation to the scalp.
  • Improving blood flow to the scalp.
  • Promoting hair growth.
  • Protecting the hair and scalp from free radical damage.
  • Thickening the hair, lessening the appearance of thinning hair.
  • Nourishing all hair increasing its elasticity and shine.

Next to oxygen, silicon (Si) is the most prevalent element on Earth. Silicon exists as part of rocks such as granite and quartz or in sand and clay. As crystalline quartz, it constitutes approximately 28% of the earth’s crust.

Until recently, silicon (Si) was not thought to be of physiological importance since most plant and animal tissues contain relatively small amounts. Further investigation revealed that silicon is present in all soil-grown plants and sometimes in large concentrations. Although only trace amounts are found in the body tissues, research has determined that these small amounts are vital to health. In light of recent research demonstrating the significant physiological benefit from silicon consumption, scientists and researchers recognize silicon’s need as an essential nutrient.

Skin, Hair and Nails
Because of silicon’s importance to structural molecules in the body, the first signs of silicon deficiency are often manifested in the skin, hair and nails. Skin and hair lose their strength and elasticity and nails become brittle. Silicon deficiency may be caused by consumption of a highly refined diet that is low in essential nutrients. Furthermore, levels of this mineral in the skin are known to decrease with aging. Silicon supplementation causes a noticeable improvement. Fragile nails become normal in a few weeks. Some forms of Alopecia (hair loss) are caused by inadequate intake of nutrients. In such instances, silicon can promote healthy, thick growth of hair. As a general rule, the higher the concentration of silicon in skin, hair and nails, the healthier these tissues are.

Emu oil
Increases blood flow to the areas where it is applied. Hair regrowth was actually thicker than before. Darkens graying hair.

Studies in which Emu oil was applied to mice demonstrated that the topical application of emu oil increased the synthesis of DNA in the epidermis which is a measure of increase in the proliferative activity of the epidermis. The increase in pigmentation and hair of animals receiving emu oil demonstrates that the topical application of emu oil can stimulate melanogenesis and hair follicle development and growth. The histological analysis demonstrating an increase in the thickness of the epidermis and size and length of the hair follicle provides strong evidence that the topical application of emu oil stimulates skin growth, hair growth and induces the proliferation of the cells around the hair follicle.

So in summary, it is now believed that emu oil may not only halt hairloss, but it may actually promote regrowth. The oil is non-greasy at it can be applied directly to the scalp at night.

Emu oil in the strategy

  • Blocks DHT.
  • Promotes hair regrowth.
  • Reverses the effects of aging on the skin and scalp.
  • Nourishes the scalp and hair.

Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum)
Stimulates circulation. Improves the effectiveness of other herbs. In hair loss capsicum improves blood flow which is essential to stimulate hair growth and to protect the hair follicles from the effects of DHT.

Capsicum has been used for decades as a catalyst for other herbs. Because Capsicum stimulants circulation and enhances blood flow, it is considered food for the circulatory system, a common condiment to the diet. Its red color is partly due to its high vitamin A content. Vitamin A is essential for normal vision, growth, cellular activity, reproduction and healthy immunity.

As a cardiovascular stimulant, Capsicum assists in lowering blood pressure and breaking down cholesterol buildup. The warming properties of Capsicum are useful for people suffering from poor circulation to the hands and feet and other related conditions.

Products containing cayenne pepper (capsicum)


He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti)
It is ingested to restore color to gray hair and halt hair loss-and maybe even regrow hair. The Chinese have long relied on he shou wu as a tonic, taking it long-term to encourage optimum health. According to traditional Chinese medicine, hair loss and graying can be signs of a weakness in the liver or kidneys or a deficiency in the blood. He shou wu supports these organs and nourishes the blood.





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