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Androgenetic Alopecia: What is it? and what to do about it?


  • DHT Causes Androgenetic Alopecia.
  • DHT Kills Hair Follicles.
  • Blocking DHT can prevent hair loss.


What is Androgenetic Alopecia?
Androgenetic Alopecia is the medical name for the most common type of hair loss. It is more commonly known as pattern baldness. The term can be better understood by breaking it down. "Andro" refers to "Androgen" which covers any of the various hormones that control the appearance and development of masculine characteristics like Testosterone. The term "Genetic" means the inheritance of a gene for hair loss from either the mother or father side of the family. The term Alopecia simply means the loss of hair. There are other types of Alopecias like Alopecia Areata. However, Androgenetic Alopecia is what affects 95% of adults who are experiencing hair loss.

How does Androgenetic Alopecia Develop?
The genetic factor inherited from either parent coupled with other variables such as age, will signal the hair follicle to start producing an enzyme known as 5 alpha reductase. When this enzyme combines with the testosterone already present in the hair follicle it produces dihydrostestosterone or DHT. When exposed to DHT the genetically sensitive hair follicles shrink and weaken. Therefore, when androgenetic alopecia occurs large active hair follicles in specific areas begin to change to smaller less active ones that shrink slightly with each new growth cycle. Gradually, the hair shaft produces finer hair (peach fuss) and eventually the hairs stop emerging. Many believe that this process may also be affected or worsened by other factors such a sebum and cholesterol build-up, poor circulation to the scalp and even the aging process.

So what causes Androgenetic Alopecia?
Androgenetic Alopecia is caused by DHT. Due to the genetic predisposition for hair loss, the hair follicles have many receptors for DHT. The DHT attaches to those receptors stunting its growth and eventually preventing it. In addition to the genetic pre-disposition there are other important factors that may affect the hair follicle's suseptibility and response to DHT.

To stop hair loss, the goal is to block the DHT and protect the hair follicles from its effects.

In this website we discuss the varios natural products that have been shown to have dht blocking effects and other factors and products that are important to stop hair loss.

Hair Loss Causes and Influencing Factors-

Can Androgenetic Alopecia be cured?
Currently, there are no "cures" for Androgenetic Alopecia, only treatments. However, many of these treatments are beginning to allow us to slow down, and in some cases even halt hair loss. In this website we explain the scientific advcances that have been made in the understanding of androgenetic alopecia and the strategies and products that have been developed as a result.

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