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L-Lysine Helps DHT Blockers Land the KO Punch!


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Recently there has been a lot of buzz about L-Lysine's beneficial effect on androgenetic alopecia. It seems that taking L-Lysine helps to increase the efficacy of drugs like Propecia. As we have established, Propecia is a DHT blocker. Meaning it reduces DHT by inhibiting the production of the 5 Alpha reductase and therefore reducing the production of DHT.

Since products like Saw Palmetto, Beta Sitosterols, and others mentioned in the DHT Blockers section, perform the same function as Propecia, then L-Lysine taken along with any of these products can increase its efficacy.

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L-Lysine is an essential amino acid needed for growth and to help maintain nitrogen balance in the body. Essential amino acids cannot be made in the body and must be supplied by the diet or supplements. Lysine appears to help the body absorb and conserve calcium. Linus Pauling believed that lysine helps maintain healthy blood vessels, an idea based on biochemistry and results from three people with angina pectoris who responded to lysine supplementation.

Lysine has many functions in the body because it is incorporated into many proteins, each of which is used by the body for a variety of purposes. Lysine interferes with replication of herpes viruses and is therefore often prescribed by nutritionally oriented doctors to people with cold sores or genital herpes. A review of the research trials investigating the effects of lysine on people with cold sores shows that most though not all trials support the use of lysine. Lysine supplementation increases the absorption of calcium and may reduce its excretion. As a result, some researchers believe that lysine may eventually be shown to have a role in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Lysine works with other essential amino acids to maintain growth, lean body mass, and the body’s store of nitrogen.

Studies regarding L-Lysine have reported remarkable scalp hair growth in those sufffering hair loss.

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The natural keratin fibers in the product attach to your hair making it look thicker and giving you more hair-styling options. The fibers attach to even the finest hairs making them thicker. The fibers also naturally cover the scalp by blending it with the rest of your hair. But since you are not actually coloring your scalp, you don't have to worry about the product running or even being noticed. The fibers are virtually invisible as they blend with your own hair.

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